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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Beginner's Quilt

Here are the most recent pictures of my quilt! The only step left to do is bind the edges but  I wanted to let you all see it!

I had sewn together the blocks and had my quilt sent to Loretta at Osborn Specialty Quilting who then did the beautiful sticking across the top!


(Laying on my bed)


I am still deciding on the fabric that will make up the binding but it will be one of the fabrics in the middle. I will post final pictures once the binding is completed :o) -- maybe even take some better quality pictures too!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Idea #8: Coffee Cozies

So I found this free pattern from Crafty Staci through pinterest awhile ago. They are wonderful coffee cozies that I made for my whole office for christmas as well as some friends and family! They are a wonderful small gift for your loved ones and friends :o)

2562325123_ORIG.jpeg       2562326770_ORIG.jpeg

Hair Tie
11" of 2 different kinds of fabric

They are even reversible and totally washable! Just don't forget to take it off your cup before you throw it away..


A Weekend of Events

So tomorrow, bright and early I will be making the long trek from Salem to Idaho for my brother's graduation! I am very excited to be apart of this very exciting milestone in his life and get to spend some family time.. even for a brief weekend.

Goal for the long drive: Work on my crochet scarf that I have been working on for the last 2 years.. yes, WAY too long. The goal is to get it even closer to completion so that come fall I can actually wear it :o) It is a very fun fall orange color. I'll share pictures at the end of the weekend.

For those of you sticking around the Portland/Salem area and looking for something exciting to do, you should check out Oregon Trail Rally! The first day is at the Portland International Raceway this Friday starting at 6 pm! It is something exciting that I'm sure you will not want to miss! Saturday and Sunday will be in The Dalles and have designated spectator sections. Hope some of you can make it!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My new throw :o)

So its been awhile.. a long while since I've made a post. The big project that I have been working on lately is a quilt designed by Terri Staats at Sweet Treasures Quilt Patterns. It is an awesome beginners quilt that teaches you some of the basics of quilting (and sewing). She has other awesome patterns too that are for all the crafty folks out there (and if you're in the Salem, Oregon area she even teaches classes).

With that said, I was going to attach a picture to show you but my camera isnt wanting to cooperate right now. In the next week I will post you a picture of my almost completed quilt. It will go wonderfully on my bed as an accent blanket :o)

For all you adventureous crafters out there, you should give the art of quilting a try. It's pretty fun!