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Monday, July 30, 2012

Idea #10: E-reader Sleeve!

So this last Christmas, I got a Nook Simple Touch as a present. I was so very excited about it (and am still excited about it) but I wanted to make sure I had a super cute cover for it. I looked online at pre-made ones and none of them were super exciting or said "This is Lindsay". Being the crafty one, I decided to look for the perfect pattern and fabric!

Almost 8 months later... still no e-reader sleeve or cover :(.

This last weekend, however, I took the Sleep in Your Own Bed Retreat with Sweet Treasures which meant that I would need a pattern. It was time to get serious and find a pattern! Looking through pinterest (one of the greatest inspirational sites ever-- also EXTREMELY addicting) I found this pattern from Birdiful Stitches! It was relatively easy to follow and I got the whole project done in one day!

Here's the finished product:

2627902550_ORIG.jpeg 2627902031_ORIG.jpeg

I hope you feel inspired for your next project!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Idea #9: My Hero

I stumbled across Beth's wonderful reminder today on her blog Epiphany. She was talking about who our hero really is. You can read her story here, which I highly recommend.

It's funny how when we feel like there is something missing in our lives, we look everywhere else to find what we can do or use to fill it; it can be a person, thing, or even a hobby. But the reality is, God wants us to be apart of Him. I challenge all of you (including myself) to spend more time in His Word this week getting to know your hero better.

Let me know how your week goes!