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Monday, August 27, 2012

Idea #11: Sweet Potato Hummus

I love reading Kayla Danelle's blog! I'm always either inspired, learn something new, and/or find something interesting to think about. I think her blog was my first real inspiration for things Paleo and got my wheels turning. I'm also LOVING the book that she suggested.. more on that later.

Today she posted about her weekend and linked to some of her older posts of recipes that she had found. I'm totally going to give them a try but one in particular I'm going to have to try tonight! It originates from SpoonForkBacon.com called Sweet Potato Hummus! Something tells me I'm going to love it!!

I'll let you know what I think and maybe even have some pictures to follow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eating Clean

Let's face it.. eating healthy isn't always fun. It can also be very time consuming; especially when what's quick is a drive through (sometimes that's even too long). But once you've consumed that very delicous food, it sets in and you feel gross. At least I do if I'm honest with myself.

A couple months ago I started doing some research about the "Paleo Diet". The concept seems great and very inspiring. I've even been trying to cut out the processed sugars and some carbs -- full Paleo would be a huge jump for me. My problem is that eating plain chicken and veggies is boring. I like to spice things up, but when it comes down to dinner time and I'm staring at my defrosted chicken thinking "what am I going to do with you"....

nothing seems to inspire me at that moment.

Today I was checking out a tweet from Heath Magazine (@goodhealth). I clicked on the link and found 8 ways to boost flavor! I know the ideas are simple but they can be the starting point to something better.. and a great source of inspiration.

What are some of your inspirational ingredients or go to spices and herbs?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Staying Cool

Today (here in Salem) it will be over 100 degrees! In my apartment we have no air conditioning so staying cool is a problem. Here are some ideas to think about for today (and tomorrow):
  • Homemade Popsicles (try this recipe from Craft Berry Brush)
  • Ice Cream
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Coast (or beach for those of you in Cali)
  • White Water Rafting
  • Floating a river
  • Water skiing

There's a short list to help get you thinking!
Happy Thursday!