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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eating Clean

Let's face it.. eating healthy isn't always fun. It can also be very time consuming; especially when what's quick is a drive through (sometimes that's even too long). But once you've consumed that very delicous food, it sets in and you feel gross. At least I do if I'm honest with myself.

A couple months ago I started doing some research about the "Paleo Diet". The concept seems great and very inspiring. I've even been trying to cut out the processed sugars and some carbs -- full Paleo would be a huge jump for me. My problem is that eating plain chicken and veggies is boring. I like to spice things up, but when it comes down to dinner time and I'm staring at my defrosted chicken thinking "what am I going to do with you"....

nothing seems to inspire me at that moment.

Today I was checking out a tweet from Heath Magazine (@goodhealth). I clicked on the link and found 8 ways to boost flavor! I know the ideas are simple but they can be the starting point to something better.. and a great source of inspiration.

What are some of your inspirational ingredients or go to spices and herbs?

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Terri said...

Johnny's garlic spread seasoning! it's good on almost everything.