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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Idea #7: Present Bows

Now this idea I got while glancing through pinterest one day.. I came across this blog that pretty exact in the art of making these bows.

I must be more adventurous or something (I'm not even sure what to call it), but all I used was newspaper and scotch tape. They turned out wonderful and I used them on all my presents this year for christmas! While making them, I had some other ideas cross my mind that I'll probably end up trying for birthday presents or next year for christmas. Instead of magazine pages or newspaper, you could make them with ribbon or even contruction paper or scrapbooking paper. With ribbon you would need to staple it, but this is just some ideas to get your mind wandering on other great ideas :o)

Here's how mine turned out:

I cut my strips a bit wider than they were suggesting. I also did something a little different in addition to my bows; since it's christmas, I added snowflakes over the tags! With the white bows, I made a newspaper bow too. All in all, I think they turned out great.

To tie it all together, I made a gift tag with just a square/rectangle of newspaper (white printer paper with the newspaper snowflake) and wrote their name in a fun font.

To me, this gives a personal touch to my gifts and is also cheaper (always a bonus). Happy crafting!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Idea #6: The Secrets Behind Cutting Burlap

Burlap is common material to use in dyi projects and many people enjoy the look of it. But burlap can be tricky material to work with. It never likes to stay flat or seem to cut straight. You may already know this, but if not, you can be in awe like I was when I learned trick. I've taken some photos to help those who learn better through pictures (sorry the quality is bad.. it's just a phone camera). The best part is, it really does make a straight line!

Scissors (not a rotary cutter-- sorry perfectionists)


1.    Lay flat and folded in half like how it was on the bolt.

2.    Measure out desired length and snip thread closest to line.

3.    Pull on thread to pull it out of fabric (don't forget the under side).

(it's easiest if you hold the other end while pullingo on the string thread)

*If the thread get stuck or breaks halfway through, use your scissors to help guide it out.

4. Cut along the path that you have now created to make 2 pieces.

After that, you have strips of burlap that will hold together better than if you had used a rotary cutter to make a "straight" line!

Now, I have more projects that I am dying to share with you but if I did that I would be spoiling christmas.. stay tuned for more creative ideas/gifts to come!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Idea #5: Sweet Potato Fries

I dunno if you have ever tried sweet potato fries but this recipe is simple and really yummy! We made them the other night for dinner and they were a wonderful side--and a great, healthy alternative to regular fries. feel free to give them a try and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Idea #4: 90 Day Challenge!

Starting tomorrow morning, I am going to start the 90 Day Challenge established by POP Pilates instructor, Cassey. It is going to be tough, especially the meals and water but I know it will lead to good results. I'll be posting frequently on my tumblr account if your interested to see my progress :o)

If this is interesting to you.. join in on the fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Idea #3

So I have always wanted a fun girly apron. I know its silly but its been something that I've wanted for awhile.. while getting sucked into pinterest I discovered this...

Now all I want to do is make one of these! Maybe even add a little lace over some of the layers.. i think it would be fun.. especially to make yourself!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Idea #2

How easy would this be.. taking old cans, spray paint them, and give them a modern look! you can even add buttons or different fabric to make them your own!

Idea #1

A Hair Idea! I love all the knots and loosness about it. Its fresh and beautiful.

Found it on pinterest.com/pin/967174/.