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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Idea #7: Monogrammed Collage

First Christmas project:
So (again sorry about the poor quality picture and lack of detailed steps with pictures) I made this for my sister for christmas and it was quite easy.


All I had to do was find fun pictures (i just printed them in black and white on normal printer paper) and modge podged them to a canvas. I modged podged underneath the picture before placing it and then over the top to seal it. Once it was dry, I applied another coat of modge podge.

I also wrapped my pictures around the sides for a more completed look.. so once I had modge podged my second coat (and it was dry) I snipped the corners so that there wasn't a pointy corner.

For the button look, I bought 2 packs of buttons from JoAnns but you could easy just use ones from around the house if you have enough or pick out several of your favorites. I used 2 different sizes for depth.

Before applying the buttons, I had placed them on the counter to make sure that I had enough buttons and that I had them placed the way I wanted before gluing them down on the canvas. The buttons were applied with a good amount of tacky glue. Don't be afraid to have a little too much glue because it will dry clear.

Once buttons are placed, glued, and dried, YOU'RE DONE!!!

Another project well done!

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